Making the most of your Company Check subscription

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Set up your dashboard

Your Dashboard is your default homepage when you log in and enables you to view all of the companies and directors you follow in one easy-to-view sortable, exportable dashboard. Click 'Watch' on any page to add the company to your dashboard and see the current risk score, credit limit, and key financials. You can also add records to 'lists' to filter your table by clients or suppliers etc. 

Tip: Add your own company as well as your clients, and suppliers

Manage email alerts

With 100% coverage across the UK and updates every 24 hours, we ensure you're always alerted to events that affect the companies or directors you're watching. We'll send you a single email when a new document is filed at Companies House, when a risk score or credit limit is amended, CCJs filed, liquidation events occur etc. Switch email alerts on or off in your dashboard, or click 'watch' on the company page to edit your email settings at any time.

Tip: You can also unsubscribe from the alert email at any time

Understand our Credit Reports

Our online company reports are generated in real time by compiling thousands of data points from official sources including basic information, financials and credit data. The benefit of your Pro account is the ability to unlock the following key pieces of information (not available on our basic plan).
Credit Rating
Our unique 5 star rating provides a quick initial assessment of a company's current status. 1 star for the lowest performing and 5 stars for the highest performing companies.
Risk Score
The score rates from 1-100 and indicates the likelihood of a company becoming insolvent within the next 12 month period. Companies with a high score are considered a lower risk.
Credit Limit
Only extend lines of credit that each customer can afford. Our recommended credit limit refers to the total credit we recommend offering a company at any one time.
Review all outstanding and satisfied charges registered against a company record at Companies House. A mortgage or charge is the security a company gives for a loan.
County Court Judgements
Review details of any CCJs issued against a company in the last 6 years. Judgements refer to a debt settled via court and have a substantial impact on a company's rating.
Payment History
Compare the total number of paid versus outstanding invoices taken from our growing database of millions of sales ledgers, provided by businesses from around the world. 
Read more about factors affecting a company's risk score
Tip: print online credit reports from the company page

Take an in-depth look at company accounts

Every company page starts with a quick summary of latest cash at bank, total liabilities, net worth and current assets figures.

Click through to the FINANCIALS tab on any company page and you'll find 5 years key financials plotted on an easy to view graph enabling you to spot trends or declines with ease.

Key financials are just part of the story. In the 'Accounts Table', you'll find the latest 5 years full financials as filed at Companies House including everything from debtors to turnover - all digitised on screen and available to download as a CSV export.

Alongside the digitised accounts, you can download original Companies House Annual Accounts filings within days of being filed at the registry. Head over to the DOCUMENTS tab.

Some useful guides to company financials

Tip: Hover over any financial item in the accounts table to see how it's calculated

Check on a Director's other interests

It's common for an individual to be appointed as director or secretary at multiple companies, so it pays to understand any risks associated with a director's other business interests.

With 100% coverage of all UK companies and directors, finding relationships is simple. Search by director name or click through to a director record from the 'Directors & Secretaries' table on the 'COMPANIES HOUSE DATA' tab of a company report.

Our director reports show you details of all an individual's business interests past and present, allowing you to spot any potential red flags. The summary provides our unique combined risk score (taking into account the likelihood of insolvency of all a director's active companies). You'll also find individual snapshots of each company, including current risk score, credit limit, CCJs, financials and related directors.

Tip: download official documents pertaining to director appointments or terminations from the Documents tab

Download Companies House Documents

Alongside our online credit reports, you can access to up to 20 years of official documents as filed at Companies House, available to download instantly, updated daily and stored in your account to re-download anytime.

Downloading Documents

All Companies House PDF documents are now FREE for subscribers!

Annual Accounts
Annual Return
Director Changes
Striking Off Application
Incorporation Documents
Mortgages and Charges
Change of Address
Shares and Ownership

Once you reach your plan limit they're £2. Choose a company on your dashboard or search and select one and head to the DOCUMENTS tab of the company report to download it.

Tip: download your ordered documents from your order history or direct from the company page

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