How do you calculate Cash, Net Worth, Assets, and Liabilities?

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All of our financial data is keyed and analysed from accounts filed at companies house.

In our summary table we show the following:

  • Cash

  • Net Worth

  • Total Current Liabilities

  • Total Current Assets

The calculations are as follows:

Cash: Cash includes cash in hand and cash at bank.

Net WorthOften referred to as the book value of the business this equals Shareholders Funds less Intangible Assets.

Total Current Liabilities: The total of Trade Creditors, Bank Loans & Overdrafts, Other Short Term Finance and Miscellaneous Current Liabilities.

Total Current Assets: The total of Stocks, Debtors, Cash and other assets due within one year.

All financials on have an explanation detailed on the accounts tab of every company if you hover over the word with your mouse, for example:

Hover over 'Net Worth' on the accounts tab of any page and you get the following explanation:

For example:







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