Can you delete my company information under the GDPR rights to 'erasure', 'be forgotten', or 'opt out' legislation?

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We publish business data in accordance with our Business Information Transparency Notice


Data Contained in Credit Reports:

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) provides several lawful grounds for processing personal data. One of those grounds is consent; another is ‘legitimate interests’. As a credit reference agency, Company Check uses personal data relating to businesses and the historical conduct of that business to enable interested parties to make risk-based decision. Therefore, the underlying processing condition on which we process personal data is the legitimate and public interest for doing so in support of risk and financial decisions relating to trading entities. As a result of this and in line with the GDPR, Company Check do not require consent for the use of this type of data and the GDPR does not enable individuals to require such data to be removed.

The GDPR allows you to have free and transparent visibility of your personal data and how that data is used. As part of Company Check's commitment to open and transparent processing of data, we have made the following processes available to you:


To Submit a GDPR Request:

Please email with the subject 'GDPR request'.

In order to provide you with a report on your data and to make any changes, we will need a few pieces of information from you first in order to confirm who you are.

The information you will need to provide to us in order to fulfill a subject access request is:

  1. Company name/requester name

  2. Requester email address

  3. Customer reference number (where applicable)

  4. Proof of identification and address (to enable us to verify your identity)

Once we have this information, the following options will be available:


Subject Access Requests (SAR):

An SAR will allow you to see all information we hold on you and give you options to make changes to this information.

Rectification Request:

If you believe that the information held within the Company Check systems to be inaccurate or incomplete, please provide details of what the inaccurate data is and evidence supporting the correction.

*Please note that Company Check has an obligation to respond within a 30-day timeframe of request raised, however, this can be extended by two months where the request for rectification is complex.

**Please note some of the data Company Check holds is obtained from public or government sources and it may be necessary to direct your request to that external body in order to effect a correction.


Right of Erasure (right to be forgotten):

Under GDPR you have the right to request your personal data is removed, this, however, does not provide an absolute “right to be deleted”.

If you feel you have suitable grounds to request Right of Erasure then you have the option to request this by providing as much supporting evidence to Company Check. Individuals have the right to suppress or block the processing of personal data, this right can be exercised where:

  • You contest the accuracy of the personal data

  • You feel there are legitimate grounds to enable the restriction of processing

  • The information held is no longer necessary to the purposes for which they were collected.

Should you wish to suppress or block any personal data you will be required to fill in as much information below (included any evidence or screenshots of where you believe the data to be held and specifically what you require to be suppressed/removed).


Opting out of emails from Company Check

You can opt-out of receiving emails from company check at any time. 

1) Company Watch alerts

 You can change your watch alert settings on your dashboard. Simply click the 'Alerts On' icon to swtich the alerts to 'Alerts Off'. 

2) Marketing emails from Company Check

Marketing emails from company check are only sent when specific consent has been given to receive these. You may unsubscribe on the footer of any of these emails or email with 'unsubscribe from emails' in the subject. You must include the relevant email address to be unsubscribed. 


Right to Transparency of processing:

You have the right to request information on how your data is used and the basis of use. This information can be found within the privacy policy which is available on Company Check's website.


Additional option - Removal from search engines

This is something any business owner can action on, and is not affected by GDPR legislation. You can request any data stop being indexed on public search engines at any time using our removal form. This will hide the data from search engines, though it will still be available on our website.


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