Can you remove my details from Company Check?



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    It seems like a self generating company check, you change the company credit scores without any proof - changing them every year, so all the thousands of companies have to log in and pay for a report to find out why their credit score has changed and then we cant even phone anyone to ask why ? you have had our company details wrong on a number of occasions this year already, now our trading address is wrong, we have had a weird drop in credit scrore from a healthy 65 to 27 ! and we have no idea why - no backgrounds just you deciding on a algorithm of your own.. I want to know who your financial ombudsman is please, I want to contact them as I think this is terrible - you are generating your own business and quite frankly I dont trust you anymore... but you have me running around trying to find out what you are doing, what details you are holding that are incorrect and you are affecting our company credit score in a very unprofesional manner - please contact me with your ombudsman details please

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